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My So Called Beautiful Mind [entries|friends|calendar]

i'm ashley nicole.
and i love the UNLOVING.
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October 29th At 11:30AM]
My boyfriend is an asshole


March 15th At 7:00PM]
[ mood | restless ]

what a shitty saturday.


nightmares. [Saturday

November 17th At 10:16PM]
that dream was one of the freakiest dreams i've ever had. i knew no one in it but my grandmother. and the ear peircing screams never stopped. i pray i never have a dream like that ever again.

WTF! [Friday

November 16th At 10:39AM]
seriously for as much as i can't stand this kid, why can't i get him out of my head?

its seriously ridiculous.


October 27th At 10:07PM]
to put this im simple terms...

i love paramore.
i want to marry Hayley Williams.
4 !!!!


October 19th At 8:36AM]
im nothing going to lie, i love my new job :DDD

the city that never sleeps. [Saturday

October 13th At 9:11AM]
yesterday i decided i want to either move to new york city or chicago. i realize i should live in the city where everyone has a place to be and everyone has something to do.

in other news, im sick and i think this is the worst cold i have ever had. i just want to sleep and not work at all.
2 !!!!

birthday. [Sunday

October 7th At 5:32PM]
[ mood | unknown ]

so my birthdays tomorrow, is it weird that im not that excited and i really don't care at all.

really all i want to do is cry.



September 13th At 12:28PM]
ok so why can't it be fall all year round?

i love this season!
1 !!!!

college. [Thursday

August 30th At 1:28PM]
college really isn't all that bad.
i like my classes and the people that are in them :)

i got a new job :)
im excited so when the partridge creek mall opens come visit me at forever21.


i love everything right now <3
2 !!!!

summer. [Tuesday

July 24th At 11:16AM]
all i have to say is summer 2007 pwns :)
1 !!!!

vacation. [Saturday

July 14th At 4:49PM]
so im up north, it awesome.
i bought an ugly doll to, it put a smile on my face.
so someone posing as "kevin jonas" messaged me on myspace.
so im going to go along with it til they notice i know its not kevin.
my life is amazing right now.
i love my family.

summer. [Saturday

June 2nd At 2:22PM]
i have a feeling this summer is going to bring me a lot closer to people i haven't talked to very much all year.

i really like that feeling.


June 1st At 11:03AM]
goodbye high school, hello summer of fun.

hey. [Tuesday

May 29th At 10:52PM]
lets go camping :)


May 20th At 12:01AM]
so does anyone want to take my to clevland on july 2nd so i can see the joans brothers, and meet my husband?

i will give my life.


May 12th At 9:01AM]
prom was a blast!
everyone looked great :)
i just wish it didn't end so soon.

ill. [Wednesday

May 9th At 9:57PM]
so my crabby mood this morning turned into a migrane then a fever, just my luck right before prom.


April 30th At 2:37PM]
i had the worst case of the giggles, i was starting to annoy myself. god, no wonder i have no friends.
8 !!!!


April 23rd At 8:35PM]
i played bball with shannon she got pwned lmao. what an eventful afternoon.
1 !!!!

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